As the recent election has shown, our mass media system is deeply compromised by special interests and corporations. The time has come for a new network, unbeholden and independent, that reflects the urgency as well as the tremendous potential of this charged historical moment. Woke will both reflect and help support a new movement of engagement and rigorous inquiry.

Current media options do not reflect the values of a huge, underserved audience interested in progressive ideas and social change. Many millions of people were deeply moved by the egalitarian message of Bernie Sanders. What’s missing is a recognized, iconic media platform that represents the alternative, progressive, even radical vision that is no longer marginal.

Instead of dwelling in the bad news, Woke will be solution focused, empowering and inspiring. We will explore what people can do in their own lives to promote ecological health and community, offering them practical tools and technologies. One target audience is millennials who are just waking up politically, spiritually, and ecologically. But we intend to reach beyond this base to include the disaffected and apolitical.

The mission of Woke is to produce content that is authentic and uncompromised. Our business structure is designed to support honest as well as dissenting viewpoints. Woke is a nonprofit umbrella and individual shows will be for profit entities. We are assembling a board of advisers made up of leaders, public artists, and conscious media producers who will ensure the network remains true to its essence.

The content of the network will include news shows, talk shows, comedy, and investigative reporting. On our platform, we also intend to feature community generated content – short topical videos that reflect our areas of focus. We will integrate emergent social technologies that facilitate coordinated action and enhance trust. The goal is to democratize media and create programming that seeks out and raises awareness of achievable solutions to our most pressing social and ecological challenges.